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Creator: Mavrickindigo
Debut: Destiny Dreams 3: The Hidden Truths
Race: Creator
Gender: Male
Age: Unspecified
Height/Weight: Unspecified
Magic/Element: Creator Powers
Favorite Weapon: Unspecified
Personality: Unspecified

The Programmer is a Creator in the Destiny Dreams Continuity and a major antagonist in that series. He eventually locked all of Creation down in his quest to crule it all.



Visual Description

The Programmer, as the avatar of Devon Dedric, appears as a man in a business suit, but also can don high tech regal armor after he used the power of Destiny Dreams to upgrade him capabilities.


As a creator, the Programmer can manipulate the parts of reality that he controls, by creating a video game set in Creation, he tricked the other creators to allow him to have Creative Control over all of Creation.


Devon Dedric was born in an abusive household, and when he was young, he shot his abusive father, killing him. He spent a time in juvenile detention, where he learned of life from hard experiences. This made him a prime target of the Spirit of Sin, who used his anger to teach him secrets of Creation.

Devon eventually was released and went on with his life, working for a video game company before becoming a chief director on a successful franchise. When he was given the reigns to design an MMORPG, he set it within Creation, allowing him and his players to interact with the beings of Creation in a way never before seen in the history of the two realms.

Eventually he came to control the whole of the created multiverse, and he built two towers that bridged the gap in order to solidify his power. Little did he know that the goal he so tirelessly pursued over the course of his life was just him being puppetted by Sin so that it may escape Creation and sink its claws into all of the creators.

Character Creation

Devon Dedric was created to answer the question "what would a Creator like be as a villain."