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RP Haven is a role playing website, which came into being in March 2006, when CtrlAltDestroy bought the domain and server space, and as such predates rphaven.com, an unaffiliated site. Despite that, the community existed on multiple sites beforehand, with records going as far back as 2002.


VGMusic: June 2002 - May 2005

On March 16, 1998, Mike Newman, founder of the Video Game Music Archive, announced the creation of the new message boards. This event, which occurred shortly after the site had changed web hosts, is the earliest evidence we have of VGMusic having a forum. At some point during this time, they created the roleplaying and fiction board, which would one day become RP Haven. The earliest time we know is from the user Elec, who joined the forum on June 2002.

Over the course of the years, the board steadily grew, creating its own community within the domain of the site. In October 2004, Ricky and NaokYiran teamed up to create the VGMusic RP Archives page, located on geocities. Though only a few members, many of who would stick around over the years, would archive their stories. In 2005, MatthiasKinnearLawrence started the first installment of the RP Awards.

In May of that year, ForteBlast, admin of VGMusic and Moderator of the board, decided that the community had grown too large and should be its own thing. So he created the free forum in May 10, 2005. The RP Board was locked on May 25, and all posts deleted on June 1. They linked the board until mid-july, but it was finally deleted during a server move.

VGRP: May 2002 - May 2005

The new forum was named the Video Game Role-Playing Central forum, and it was located on the MyFreeBB server. Fictions got more attention with the creation of a separate Fiction board, and backstage discussions became more common thanks to the Discussion board. GeminiSaint was voted as administrator, while Ricky and Thalzon were elected for moderators.

In August, Ricky started the Hall of Fame. VGRP Quest and Geowalkers became the first RPs to be inducted. Matthias held the second RP Awards.

Towards the end of August, as we drew further apart from VGMusic, we created our own General Message and Art Boards, as well as an all-new Video Game Reviews Board. Elec and Matthias were brought on staff as moderators of the new boards.

In March 2006, MyFreeBB began to suffer serious performance issues, and, after a ten days of downtime, we decided it was time to move.

RP Haven Era, April 2006 - present

CtrlAltDestroy purchased web space from Bluehost, and, under the new name of RP Haven, we launched the new forum on March 31, 2006. The staff was updated somewhat- CtrlAltDestroy became webmaster, Ricky and Thalzon became administrators, and Elec and Matthias became moderators of all the boards. CtrlAltDestroy began studying books on how to put a working site together, while Ricky started putting the new Hall of Fame together. In September, Ricky finished getting the Hall of Fame up to date, and took over working on the site; the main site went live on October 01, 2006.